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I accept this challenge.

[The setting: 2 has suddenly announced, “I want to go to Paris.”]

1: If you learn to speak French, I’ll take us to Paris.


I don’t even know what the caucuses are, man.

[The setting: 1 and 2 are watching the ‘tube. 1 is sitting on the right—do you know whose side that is?]

1: What an awesome name.
2: Stephanopoulos?
1: It’s like Snuffalufagus.
2: [Raises Eyebrow]

Wish I May, Wish I Might

[The setting: 1 and 2 are broadcasting the iPod to every room in the apartment, while sitting on the porch sipping vodka-and-ginger ales and arguing about music.]

1: [Out of the Blue] I wish Nick Cave and PJ Harvey had stayed together.
2: Why, so they could make music together?
1: [Wistful] Yeah… [Silence]

Don’t change my music.

[The setting: 2 strolls into the kitchen. 1 is cutting zucchini.]

1: [Suddenly] Hey, you changed my music!
2: No I didn’t.
1: You changed my music!
2: No, I didn’t.
1: [Utterly Convinced] Yes, you changed my music!
2: [Waving Hands] No, I swear—I didn’t.
1: Oh, wait, Bauhaus plays “Ziggy Stardust,” too. [Laughing] You didn’t change my music! [As If Nothing Happened]