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Blue can also be cold and depressing.

L to R black hooded shrug, bright blue pashmina, light aqua v-neck, dark dark blue matchstick jeans

Unmix Sometimes my good ideas aren’t really good. Like making an apocalypsey mix after reading about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It had Ministry, Alien Sex Fiend, Einstürzende Neubauten, Blixa Bargeld’s slightly creepy rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and Skinny Puppy. I didn’t get very far before I decided I don’t need a mix to remind me of all the fucked up things in the world.


Colors + Computers

L to R coralish pink cardigan, traffic cone orange, traffic cone orange waffle henley, magenta tank top, washed black matchstick jeans

Non-Solids There’s also been a bright pink plaid pleated shirt and a pinstriped button down with acidy yellow wool vest and bright green pashmina.

Non-Colors I don’t want to jinx myself so no details but exciting stuff could be happening (to me) at work! Fingers crossed.

Days: Wednes, Thurs, Fri

L to R, T to B golden yellow cardigan, magenta waffle henley, lavender found-on-the-ground-in-high-school tank top, charcoal twill pants, bubblegum pink cardigan, bright green pashmina, pale pink pique polo, acidy yellow v-neck, black wool hoodie, canary yellow waffle henley, white tank top, charcoal twill pants

Monday & Tuesday

L to R, T to B acidy yellow wool vest, slightly burnt orange ruffled button up, vibrant orange cardigan, fuchsia wool scarf, light grey waffle henley, long white tank top

Not Shown washed black matchstick jeans and dark dark blue matchstick jeans

Colors? I don’t have the discipline to photo-document my outfits so I do this instead. Maybe one day I’ll get a tripod and decent lighting. Sometimes the colors don’t match previous swatches but you get the idea…

Thursday & Friday

L to R, T to B vibrant orange cardigan, acidy yellow pique polo, dark green v-neck, dark dark blue matchstick jeans, golden yellow cardigan, bright blue pashmina, light aqua v-neck, white tank top

Pink, Orange, Yellow

L to R bubblegum pink cardigan, bright orange pashmina, slightly darker bright orange cotton shirt, acidy yellow tank top

Inspiration all the snow this morning, maybe my toothbrush

Yesterday & Today

L to R, T to B golden yellow cardigan, golden yellow tank top, black three-quarter sleeve tee, washed black matchstick jeans, bright grass green cardigan, acidy yellow v-neck tee, bright red tank top, washed black matchstick jeans

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