Hi, I’m Chee Ann. It’s pronounced “G-Ahn” and it hasn’t always been my name. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Now I live in Vermont and before that, California and before that, whatever—other places.

I live on a little one-way street in Burlington with a very patient man and some cactuses. We talk a lot about getting a cat. We go as far as visiting the Humane Society. One day, we’re going to leave with some four-legged thing.

I generally write about things that make me happy. I like trivial things. They keep life from getting too serious. I love everything about food: eating it, making it, talking about it. Never ask me what my last meal would be—seriously. I also love listening to the same music on repeat while reading comics all day and truly, I love music more than anything. Music is the basket I can put every single egg into. It’s the mythical cure-all. It’s perfect. I also collect toys and shoes, so sometimes I write about that, too.

Anyway, I’ve been journaling online for a long time. I guess I can’t stop. I try to but it never works out. So yeah, I guess I can’t stop. That’s why I have a blog.


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