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Have recently switched to posting at tumblr. Enjoying the formats for posting, possibly might switch over there more permanently.

P.S. We have a cat!


Hey, Interweb.

Long time no see.

One of the things I love about programming is that at times, it’s very reminiscent to my years building websites. Except all the sharp things I ever had a website do, I can make a program do tenfold. I can create a program that does exactly what I want and I can make it pretty to boot! Needless to say, I’m still blissfully in love with my job and my tickets have been bought—flights have been booked, schmancy hotel reservations made—for my upcoming trip to the FileMaker Developer Conference. Go me!

I’ve basically been working a lot but right now that’s a good thing. I’ve also been on a Remission / Ain’t It Dead Yet binge with some healthy doses of the Birthday Party’s Hee Haw and Live Seeds, which is such a phenomenally good recording and I just can’t get enough of it. Ever. Especially “New Morning.” It would make me die happy, sigh.

I desperately want Betty to go to Rome with Gio because that’s what I would do. And I cried horribly when Amber died. I mean, I sobbed.

Right now we’re listening to this amazing live recording of Otis Redding. I can’t imagine being in a club somewhere and hearing this for the first time. How could you not dance? How could you not tap your feet and shake your shoulders and stop what you’re doing and be absolutely stunned?

Sane, sane, they’re all insane…

I’m back on the med wagon and never again shall we part. (Well, that’s not true but next time it won’t be like Thanksgiving leftovers.) (Although I love Thanksgiving leftovers so that’s not really a fitting simile.) Today was a struggle but I’ve still got a pulse and my head has been reigned back in. Ducky! As I mentioned last night, it’s actually been a slightly interesting experience being off my meds as it can be difficult to tell that they’re really doing anything when I’m on them. Because everything is fine. And isn’t fine normal? So aren’t I normal? Somehow it’s reassuring to know that the drugs are doing something and I am still crazy. Of course, this isn’t really what I’d like to consider a long term solution. But for now, it’ll do.

Thankfully, it’s true what they say about raining and pouring and even the reverse holds true. Things have been going remarkably well for me lately and tomorrow I start my first freelance programming gig. I’m very excited. One of the major challenges of my regular job is not only am I learning a new language but I’m also coming in at a very late stage in the development process and sometimes it’s difficult to follow all of the relationships. This new project will also be a custom solution but I’ll be working on it from the get go. Yayayay.

Surely, it must be that I paid homage to the Patron Saint Rabbitrabbit this morning that this month has started out so well.

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