I have the cake!

Life has been lovely—truly pleasant. I’m still—quite oddly—very over the moon about my job. Not only do I have the pleasure of enjoying my work, I also get to wear great outfits every day. Yummy, I’m glad I finally get to eat the damn cake.

Building a financial management program for myself has become a popular extracurricular activity, soon to be joined by either running or racquetball since I finally bought a proper pair of sneakers today. At Diff’s somewhat insistence, the pair I ended up buying were pink. The big sneakers in the sky must have been smiling down on me at that moment because the pink cross-trainers also fit my budget and non-aesthetic needs.

I’ve been utterly obsessed with more or lessly one mix all month. I keep expecting Stork to tell me to turn it off. It has a core of day-in-day-outers and a peripheral of nonessentials which are sometimes themselves reoccurring. The main core is Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Bruce Springsteen, Einstürzende Neubauten and Goon Moon. Right now my formula is one album, one artist. The regulars are wearing their Abattoir Blues Tour (I picture myself as Warren Ellis), Nebraska, Kollaps (some of Blixa’s vocal movements put me completely beside myself with delight) and Licker’s Last Leg album covers. The rest is made up of an Alien Sex Field best-of (practically a regular on the rotation), Billy Bragg’s Taxman, I Say I Say I Say by Erasure (which came out the same year as the following album and I owned them both even then) and Portrait of an American Family. Other recent second fiddles include The Tear Garden (especially Last Man), Nine Inch Nails’ Still, Welcome to My Nightmare, Smashing Pumpkins and Juju by Siouxsie & the Banshees. Now that I have the cake, I’m piling the icing on pretty thick. I love how reliably music can take a good thing and make it even better.

What have you been listening to?


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