We have a decent method for listening to music—it could be better but it could also be much worse. We don’t have a stereo but we do have an iPod which, coupled with an iTrip, plays simultaneously over two Bose radios in two separate rooms. (Keep in mind, we only have four rooms.) I wouldn’t call it stereophonic but it can certainly be loud and sometimes lots of volume can give the illusion of being surrounded by sound. Generally speaking, I like the Two Bose Method.

But today I decided to plug the iPod into our piano speakers and truly, nothing can make you realize how inadequate your life is like a subwoofer. (I imagine Charles Goodyear felt similarly when he accidentally discovered vulcanized rubber.) It still isn’t glorious surround sound but it’s formidable bass! It’s more depth! It’s great.

I haven’t completely given up on the Two Bose Method, though. There’s a time and a place for the Bose—mainly when we’re in the kitchen—but the Piano Method will probably dominate all other times. This is especially exciting because with all of the warm weather we’ve been getting, it’s inevitable that evenings be spent outside on the porch, which is out of Bose range. Skippy!


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