On the first day of spring.

I’ve waited months for today and yet it still managed to snow this morning. I’m really hoping for the whole “out like a lamb” thing to come true this year because I’m so very tired of wearing my down coat and slipping on ice and forgetting to bring a hat or wear my mittens. I’m ready for open toe shoes and longer days (wish true—check!) and skirts! Okay, I’m never really ready for skirts but maybe this year I’ll wear them more often. And thunderstorms. I’m definitely ready for thunderstorms!

Work is still wonderful. (I can’t believe I’m saying that.) I’ve been assured that it won’t always be that way and I’m sure that some days won’t be marvelous but at least the floor isn’t shaking, I don’t have to listen to the boom of what is essentially 46 sewing machines and I escaped the evilevilevil clutches of my former boss! You can have all of that crap in exchange for the stress and challenges of my new position. I think you’re getting the short end of the stick, though.

A few currents for you:

Netflix The Doom Generation, A Clockwork Orange

Work Mix Alien Sex Fiend, Best of / Skinny Puppy, Ain’t It Dead Yet? / Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Let Love In / Bauhaus, Swing the Heartache / Leonard Cohen, Various Positions / Joy Division, Unknown Pleasure

Colors black, grey, acidy yellow, blues

Mess in the Kitchen homemade Devil Dog, Ding Dong or Hostess cake, Irish soda bread, mango chipotle chicken sausage with bell peppers and onions over couscous, baked ziti!

Links Radiohead Launches In Rainbows Video Contest, Trent Reznor Calls for User-Generated Music Videos, Smith Island Cake Poised for Maryland Fame


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