I finally went back to work today. And what was waiting for me upon my return? A promotion! And to think: just last Thursday I thought that ship had sailed and without me on it. There’ll be a weird transition period of currently unknown length (during which time I’m hopefully not peering down a long, narrow, vertical hole) but at this point I don’t care because I’m finally under the tutelage of an awesome and much-knowing computer consultant who I respect and admire! I start Tuesday!

My good friend Diff swung by Speeder & Earl’s and bought me a congratulatory double-shot mocha (with vanilla—one of their specialty drinks) and a slice of chocolate cake! Ah, delicious muddy water, you make me feel so good. Let the celebrating begin! (Well, maybe next week after I’ve chipped away at the brick that’s sitting on my chest and I can breathe again. Breathing normally would be delightful.)

The Rich, Perfectly Swirled Frosting On the Cake I’ll get to wear all of my nice shoes and clothes to work because I (eventually) won’t be working in production at all! New computer skills and pretty shoes—can you see the hearts exploding from my chest?


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