A Guide to Getting Better

Chie Mihara Rumi B I said they would be mine and apparently I meant it. After getting my tax return back, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a pair of Chie Mihara’s to-die-for lace-ups (in black). They arrived tonight and they’re everything I hoped they would be. I absolutely love them even though they’re a little cold after riding around in the UPS truck all day. Part of me feels ever so slightly bad for spending so much money on shoes but you only live once, right?

Swamp Thing Vol. 3: The Curse I’ve lauded Alan Moore before but I have to do it again. Particularly when it comes to the third collection of his Swamp Thing series. The writing is incredible, the character development is great, the beginnings of John Constantine are appreciated. What I also love is that these were written in the 80s but they’re still relevant today. Favorite issues: “The Nukeface Papers,” followed by “The Curse.” This volume can be read independently so I highly recommend it, even if you’re not familiar with the entire series.

Breville Ikon Electric Kettle Stork got me this the Christmas before last. I loved it steadily for awhile and then we took some time off. Now that I’m sick as a dog (boo), I’m using it again and it’s so convenient. I can easily make enough tea for me and the mister in just about a minute. I don’t know if it’s the best on the market but when you feel this sick, all you need is tea.


2 Responses to “A Guide to Getting Better”

  1. 1 Michelle March 6, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Hi, I’ve been looking for a pair of chie mihara shoes (similar to the ones you bought) but am having trouble finding them. Can you suggest a place to get them, either online or a store in new york? The online chie mihara web site is sold out of my size. Thanks for your help, Michelle

  2. 2 lunchboxandgirl March 6, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    It seems the pair I bought are sold out in the US. I also haven’t been able to find similar styles in the US, so I ended up buying mine from the Chie Mihara site. (Which costs a lot.)

    In New York, Saks carries Chie Mihara. I’m sure there are a lot of upscale shoe shops that carry them but I don’t visit very often anymore so I can’t point you in any particular direction.

    As far as the internet goes, Anthropologie carries a few Chie Mihara styles. You can do a search using her name on their website and it pulls up a decent selection. If you live near an Anthropologie, even better! Some other websites: pedshoes.com, shopbop.com, revolveclothing.com, barefoottess.com. I’ve noticed that all of these sites basically carry the same styles (Anthropologie seems to have the widest selection) so the Chie Mihara site might be the best place to get her shoes. (Except that doesn’t really help you right now…) I haven’t really tried European sites but they might have more selection since Chie Mihara is a European brand…?

    If you end up getting a pair, come back and share! Good luck!

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