Championing the Pseudo-Goth

For some of us, “goth” never really died. Or actually, it died more than a decade ago and we just continued listening to the same old records because uh, they’re still good. But it seems like goth—or some semblance of it—periodically has life breathed back into it and currently, it might be going through an itsy bitsy resurgence which is neither a good thing nor a bad thing.

Deadly night shades via New York Magazine’s The Cut – “Black lipstick, crucifixes and scowls at the ready – the key look of autumn will be futuristic goth chic. […] In all honesty, what appeared as futuristic goth on the catwalk is likely to be rebranded as an office-friendly vision of dynamic black-and-white when the season starts commercially in mid-August.”

‘The Moment of Truth’ Finally Delivers on Its Promise to Ruin Marriages – It may not (yet) be “Treadmill to Bucks” or “Swim With Crocodiles,” but reality television keeps inching its way closer to the wonderfully dystopian story line of The Running Man. (Yes, I did watch because it’s not all Nature and Nova around here. I’m a horrible, horrible entertained person.)

Ghosts I-IV via – I keep up with Nine Inch Nails because I like that Trent Reznor ditched his record label and is doing it all on his own now. I do not keep up with Nine Inch Nails because the music is good. It isn’t. (NIN ≠ gospel.) At any rate, last night a new album was released “Radiohead style” and I think it’s going to be interesting to see how well it fares, its further-reaching effects, etc. Some preliminary commentary: New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog, Billboard, Pitchfork, Wired.

Speaking of new albums, the new Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! comes out tomorrow!

By The Way This was written in a swimmy sickhead haze while desperately wishing my lungs didn’t feel like they were made of rock. Hopefully when I look back later, it still makes sense…


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