A broad spectrum update.

As they come to mind:

1 Already contemplating taking up cross-stitch again, Merdud thoroughly inspired me to learn all about hand embroidery. You’d think spending eight hours a day, five days a week surrounded by the loud pounding of four embroidery machines (that’s 46 heads) would be enough—not so!

2 I haven’t been cooking much lately but I’m not terribly surprised. All good things must come to an end, right? (Not really.) I did however bake two dozen “Black-Bottom Cupcakes” (Cook’s Country, April/May 2007) for the Super Bowl and since everyone else is diety, I’ve pretty much eaten all of them. They’re good. Not too sweet and duh, cream cheese? Say no more?

3 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: God Is in the House was so very good. I’m pretty sure I exclaimed, “Can you imagine being there right now!?” several times. (But I get into stuff like that…)

4 We watched a program on PBS the other night about the making of the New York City subway system. It was really breathtaking to watch, possibly because it made me very nostalgic. I’ve always loved the subway and it’s what I look upon most affectionately when I think of home. (Sorry, Mom.)

5 Except I’m not a 5—I’m only a 4! Sob. Fuck your system, man.


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