Five Favorites For Friday

Clementines For me, it’s all about the sweetness. I don’t care if it’s juicy, as long as it’s sweet. And when you get a good clementine? It’s fabulous. Besides, everything orange is good. Traffic cones, prescription medicine bottles, Ayers Rock, California poppies…

Shuffle Like a good clementine, when the iPod’s shuffle is on—it’s on. I’m of the school of thought that it’s possible to have a doomed shuffle or an I-never-hear-this shuffle or the always-a-favorite shuffle. Sometimes a little human intervention is necessary to get things back on the right track. (Tonight it’s on.)

Netflix We received a six-month subscription for Christmas. As a result, we saw four movies in January: Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Knocked Up, Trees Lounge and Johnny Suede. Sitting beside me now are The Triplets of Belleville and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: God Is in the House.

Curled Eyelashes I’ve been curling my eyelashes for a month. I wear very minimal makeup but I was curious. So I started. And I love it, even though I wonder if the effect is all in my head. Even if the effects are purely psychological, the simple pleasure it gives me is worth the extra minute it adds to my get-ready-set-go.

Bright Colors Especially on grim days like today. All overcast and icy snow covered. All those spools of thread in embroidery almost make work tolerable!


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