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So I’ve been building a database with FileMaker Pro 8 in my spare time at work. Partly in hopes that I’ll get a very particular promotion (which probably isn’t going to happen at this point), partly because by doing so I can extract lessons from the company’s database superhero and partly because I just like learning stuff like that. (I dreamed about my database last night.) I’ve been working on it for a week now but I only got to pick my would-be mentor’s brain the very first day because she hasn’t been in since. I’m very much a wing-it learner, though so I’ve been making good progress. (I think.) When I come across something I just can’t figure out, I jot it down to ask about later.

Today was the first day that I’ve been able to go back to my can’t-do list and problem solve by myself. I was quite pleased with myself when all of a sudden I figured out how to make PartSpools display “Y” when PartSpools > 0 and “N” when PartSpools = 0. (It sounds so simple now!) And then I was even more pleased with myself when I figured out how to make InStock display GreyBox when InStock was empty, but also display RedBox when InStock ≤ 8 and GreyBox the rest of the time. And then it dawned on me that I merely had to use a simple calculation to resolve my swatch conundrum.

I was so excited that I just couldn’t stop smiling.


Lou Reed’s not a young man anymore.

If you’re a Velvet Underground fan, this is definitely worth checking out. I’ve already downloaded it and yes, you want it, too.

It’s the ONLY available live stuff from 1967 and has only become available in literally the last two days. Recorded just after the release of The Velvet Underground And Nico and featuring the debut performance of Sister Ray (19 mins long) and the *previously unheard* song I’m Not A Young Man Any More. That’s right, A NEW VELVET UNDERGROUND SONG.

Via New York Magazine – Entertainment.

Blue can also be cold and depressing.

L to R black hooded shrug, bright blue pashmina, light aqua v-neck, dark dark blue matchstick jeans

Unmix Sometimes my good ideas aren’t really good. Like making an apocalypsey mix after reading about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. It had Ministry, Alien Sex Fiend, Einstürzende Neubauten, Blixa Bargeld’s slightly creepy rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and Skinny Puppy. I didn’t get very far before I decided I don’t need a mix to remind me of all the fucked up things in the world.

The Doomsday Vault: Now open for business.

This may seem very sci-fi (being an Arctic fortress and all) but loss of crop diversity is actually very serious because biological diversity is necessary to life. I find stuff like this extremely fascinating and exciting but in this scary dystopian kind of way. It’s frightening when you really think about it—that there’s this super-secure world bank that will preserve seeds for when our crops are blighted and our national banks have failed or been destroyed and the world is at it’s end. Well, maybe it’s only dystopian if you think about it that way… Anyway, on with the linkage!

‘Doomsday’ vault opens its doors – BBC

Norway Marks Seed Vault Opening – National Geographic

Doomsday Vault Quicktime movie clip – Earth Report

The Global Crop Diversity Trust

A little bit of everything…

fritz-cam (via not martha) – “My name is Fritz and I live at 23 Cat Street.” Sometimes Fritz wears a camera. Let the what-is-art debate begin!

One Is the Loveliest Color (via bits and bobbins) – Five brief interviews with five New Yorkers who only wear one color.

‘World’s Greatest Record Collection’ for Sale on eBay – The bidding (link) ended on Thursday. So how much is “more than 6 million songs on 3 million records and 300,000 compact discs” worth? $3,002,150.00.

Pear and almond tart – I declare this the Year of Frangipane. I tested two recipes last month and I can’t pass up the recipe smitten kitchen recently published. There’s only a week left if I want to squeeze this into February!

Colors + Computers

L to R coralish pink cardigan, traffic cone orange, traffic cone orange waffle henley, magenta tank top, washed black matchstick jeans

Non-Solids There’s also been a bright pink plaid pleated shirt and a pinstriped button down with acidy yellow wool vest and bright green pashmina.

Non-Colors I don’t want to jinx myself so no details but exciting stuff could be happening (to me) at work! Fingers crossed.

Meat and potatoes.

I usually make quick(er) meals on weeknights but I’ve been waiting to do this since last week: meatloaf with parmesan mashed potatoes and garlic green beans. It took an hour and a half but damn, it was good. We’re going to have amazing leftovers.

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