Magnolia Breakfast & Lunch Bistro

    1 Lawson Lane
    Burlington, Vermont

Today we tried breakfast at Magnolia. We rolled out of bed at 12:16 PM so it was kind of late by the time we left the apartment but we were seated immediately (yay!) and Magnolia serves breakfast all day (yay!). They’re also a green business (“Green Is Good: Eggs meet ecology at Magnolia Bistro”). (Yay!)

I had a lime waffle and the Huevos con Diablo, which is two eggs over easy served with black beans and salsa over polenta. The huevos were a little too spicy for my taste but still very good. The portion size is on the large side so the waffle was definitely an overindulgence but it still tasted fresh and limey when I finally finished eating it this evening. Stork had a slice of banana bread with cranberry cream cheese and their Cape Cod Benedict special. (The cream cheese was incredibly light and heavenly.)

It was as good as Penny Cluse or Sneakers but with a shorter wait so I’d definitely go to Magnolia if I wanted something more than a greasy spoon / diner. I already know what I want to try next time. They have lemon ricotta pancakes served with sweet marscapone that sound wonderful.


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