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Take ten & call me in the AM.

11 “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?,” Moby
12 “Miracle,” Erasure
13 “High Hopes,” Pink Floyd
14 “Addiction (Second Dose),” Skinny Puppy
15 “Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World,” Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
16 “Train Train,” Billy Bragg
17 “Head On,” The Jesus and Mary Chain
18 “Subterfuge,” Rosetta Stone
19 “Fade to Black,” Metallica
10 “Cuts You Up,” Peter Murphy


“baby sea otter”

1 Capers the Otter
2 Otters holding hands
3 An otter playing with a ball

Dear Merdud, please forgive me for not showing up at Pub Quiz tonight. I was busy looking at videos of otters.

Magnolia Breakfast & Lunch Bistro

    1 Lawson Lane
    Burlington, Vermont

Today we tried breakfast at Magnolia. We rolled out of bed at 12:16 PM so it was kind of late by the time we left the apartment but we were seated immediately (yay!) and Magnolia serves breakfast all day (yay!). They’re also a green business (“Green Is Good: Eggs meet ecology at Magnolia Bistro”). (Yay!)

I had a lime waffle and the Huevos con Diablo, which is two eggs over easy served with black beans and salsa over polenta. The huevos were a little too spicy for my taste but still very good. The portion size is on the large side so the waffle was definitely an overindulgence but it still tasted fresh and limey when I finally finished eating it this evening. Stork had a slice of banana bread with cranberry cream cheese and their Cape Cod Benedict special. (The cream cheese was incredibly light and heavenly.)

It was as good as Penny Cluse or Sneakers but with a shorter wait so I’d definitely go to Magnolia if I wanted something more than a greasy spoon / diner. I already know what I want to try next time. They have lemon ricotta pancakes served with sweet marscapone that sound wonderful.

Food Firsts

Last night was my first time having the sausage-peppers-onions combination. It wasn’t a dinner I ever had growing up and then I was veg*an for ten years. But I made it for dinner last night and goddamn, that’s good. (If you could hear the excitement in my voice and see the wild hand gesturing, you’d understand exactly how excited this makes me.) I used hot Italian sausage, two red bell peppers and served it over polenta—an idea I got from the February 2008 issue of Real Simple. Next time I’m going to make it with the moose sausage (another first!) Momhen gave us last year.

Past Firsts Ice cream (age: 1), Beets (age: 14), Tofurkey (age: 18)

More on music.

The life and crimes of the music biz – More on why the music industry isn’t working out.

All Major Labels to Stream Free Music on – More on the Record Labels versus the Digital Music.

Said the girl with the ill-smelling tattoo.

It started in China while we were waiting out one of our flight delays when I bought a bottle of Anna Sui “Dolly Girl” Eau de Toilette. My interest in fragrance had gone from mere curiosity to full blown experimentation. I wore that (I still do) but I wanted more. So I ordered some samples from Lucky Scent.

Pilar & Lucy “the exact friction of stars” Perfume Initially this is kind of vanilla-orange but becomes very vanilla. Sometimes I find it a little overpowering in the morning—the heaviness of the vanilla reminds me of being carsick, sort of—but as it dries it becomes more subtle without completely losing its scent. This lasts most of the day.

Juliette Has a Gun “Miss Charming” Eau de Parfum Meh, not my kind of smell. Very floral, kind of fruity. I think it reminds me of girls from high school or French teachers or—something not so great. I don’t entirely dislike it and I wouldn’t be bothered if someone else was wearing it, it just doesn’t smell like “me.” (I’ve gotten compliments while wearing it, though.)

L’Artisan Parfumeur “Mandarine Tout Simplement” Eau de Toilette I love this scent. The notes are green mandarin, ginger, yellow mandarin, frangipani, red mandarin and white cedar. It’s ungodly good. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last all day but it’s so good. Before this, I always thought of fragrance as this very trivial thing but I actually feel better about myself when I wear this. (Maybe that’s more of a reflection on me than on fragrance?)

For the love of cream cheese.

This weekend’s sweet treats are both from Bake or Break, a dessert blog I’ve been reading lately.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Pound Cake I made this last night. It came together very quickly and it tastes great so it’s a pretty rewarding recipe. It also has six eggs, a cup of butter and an eight-ounce package of cream cheese so you can feel really good about yourself while stuffing your face.

Almond Pear Cream Cheese Tart This is so ridiculously easy and tastes so unbelievably good (especially for something easy!) that you’re a fool not to try this recipe out. I ended up adding a half-teaspoon of almond extract to the cream cheese mixture and I have no regrets.