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Pirates vs. Preg-o

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End I think they went a little overboard on this one. The main things I think they lost control of are: one, the comic relief; two, the story (too much going on); three, the time (too long). That said, I watched it, got totally sucked in and enjoyed myself (despite the manymany skeptical eyes made at Stork throughout the movie).

Knocked Up (Unrated Version) This is such a cute movie! I’m into that super shmaltzy romantic comedy crap, though. Predictable story made better with good acting, really likable characters and great writing. I laughed a lot and throughout the entire movie. I don’t usually do that.


Exploding ♥s

French Sole Shoes’ “Sloop” Flats These are absolutely the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned. As soon as I come home from work, I slip into a chocolate brown pair of these. That might make them sound overly comfortable—which usually means “unsupportive” to me—but I’m also able to throw a half-length SuperFeet orthotic in there and wear them all day.

Family Christmas Ornaments My mom’s collection of Christmas ornaments is massive and goes back as far as her teens. And while her collection grows with each year, her tree keeps getting smaller. This year she gave me a small bag of ornaments that never make it onto the tree. I didn’t get a chance to look at them until today and I love how, while I was repacking them, I was filled with the same wonderment for them as when I was a child. I love that something can still make me feel like that.

New York City Bagels I’m not one of those everything-is-better-in-New-York types because that’s just not true. (Traffic is definitely not better in New York.) But bagels are definitely better in New York City. (So is the tap water.) They’re just perfect and I don’t even bother eating bagels when I’m not there. (Okay, this sounds a little ridiculous but it’s all true.) The very last thing we got while we were in New York were a dozen bagels and six bialys. I’m going to be so sad when they’re gone.

Vermont It’s so good to be home.

And we will die for metal, metal heals, my son!

Is Manowar covering Tenacious D or is Tenacious D covering Manowar?

Love, New York

We left work at 2 PM yesterday and drove down to New York early. My mom was expecting us Saturday around noon so when I called from her stoop to tell her we weren’t going to be leaving Vermont tomorrow morning after all, she was surprised to say the least. Not only was the drive down easy but we also found a parking spot right away. Happy holidays!

Get your grub on.

Free Rice via NPR

Senate Votes to Keep Cloned Meat Out of Your Burger, for Now (Wired)

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – Way better than our domestic one.

Three Dinners, Take II

On Sunday, I made poulet en cocotte, or “French Chicken in a Pot,” from Cook’s Illustrated. I also made twice baked potatoes with dill and roasted broccoli (again—love that stuff).

On Monday, we ate leftovers of everything from the night before, plus a healthy helping of brussel sprouts in browned butter. The chicken carcass got back into the dutch oven for broth-producing purposes. I also dragged a loaf of Irish soda bread out of the freezer!

On Tuesday (that’s today!), I put the broth back on and tossed in egg noodles, two carrots, a stalk of celery and red pepper flakes. I’d been making this soup off the cuff and it turned out really good. Simple and light, vegetables with some chew to them and just a little kick. We also had buttered slices of Irish soda bread. Yum.

Feel better.

Lodge Enamel 6-Quart Dutch Oven I love this thing. And I loved the beef stew I made in it and the goulash and the chili. And I didn’t mind boiling water in it last night although I don’t know if it really made a difference. This weekend I’m going to test out the “Chicken in a Pot” recipe in the new January / February issue of Cook’s Illustrated.

Roasted Broccoli Also in the new January / February issue of Cook’s Illustrated. 500°F + ping pong-sized garlic clove + olive oil + seasonings = quick and easy. Sometimes great sides are the simplest and most unthought of.

bareMinerals Liner Shadow New-to-me powder eyeliner! I also got some waterproof liner sealer and an angled eyeliner brush. So far it’s as easy as any other eyeliner but lasts all day—no smudging, fading or flaking. And let me repeat: so easy!

Ugly Betty Did you see tonight’s episode? Ridiculous.

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