Eat for a week.

This week’s stew is Beef Goulash (served over buttered egg noodles) from The New Best Recipe. This week’s overambitious project is the aforementioned espresso-chocolate hi-top cupcakes (“Chocolate-Covered Hi-Hats,” Cupcakes!) which I decided I had to cover in tempered white chocolate—instead of following the directions. (That didn’t work out for me.) This week’s old reliable is “The Best Cranberry-Nut Bread” that appeared in last year’s Cook’s Illustrated holiday issue, minus the orange zest and substituting walnuts for toasted pecans. (It’s better with the orange zest but still tasty.) This week’s jury’s-still-out is a molasses cookie recipe from Martha Stewart. Her recipes rarely work for me so I’m kind of curious but optimistic?

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this should be a pretty good week for food. (And leftovers!) I see turkeymashedpo’cranstuffing wraps in the future.

Sidenote: My poor little iBook G4 is about to die. It’s going into the light any day now…


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