Day Thirteen: October 27, 2007

Our last day in China was probably the easiest, despite being on our own for the whole day. There was a certain relief in knowing we’d be going home the next day and our free day was relatively stress-free. It was actually kind of fun walking around Shanghai with my mom. Before leaving for China, I had been stressed out about spending so much time in her company but we ended up doing some bonding and I’m really glad we went together.

Our first stop was the French Concession, where we had a light lunch in this really cute book-cafe joint. We walked around, checked out the European architecture and then went to the Yu Garden area to see parts of the market we hadn’t seen the previous day. (By keeping out of the “inside” part of the market, we discovered the real hagglers’ paradise. Knockoff Tokidoki bag, I love you.) We headed back to the hotel as night settled on the city.

There are only a few photographs from our last day but you can begin with Lantern. Or view the entire set, China Trip: October 2007.


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