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Robot vs. Monkey

Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We Thought (New York Magazine – Entertainment)

Universal’s CEO Once Called iPod Users Thieves. Now He’s Giving Songs Away. (Wired)

Burning Safari (New York Magazine)


A little catch-up.

My lack of posting (more lacking than usual, that is) can be attributed to my iBook G4, which has taken up a final resting place below a pile of magazines and the now empty box for my new MacBook. Which I’ll be paying off for the next year. But at least it’s pretty and new and I can move the screen more than a couple inches and I love it so dearly that I even turn it off at night!

In food news, I made a massive pot of megabeefy chili which lasted us four whole days. If ground beef causes cancer like Stork suggested over his bacon cheeseburger at lunch this afternoon, then we’ve definitely got it. I followed a Cook’s Illustrated recipe but added a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a pound of ground beef because I didn’t feel like freezing it and can’t seem to follow a recipe. I also made their “Northern Style Cornbread” which I found terribly disappointing but Stork said he likes. Even though it’s still sitting on the counter, hm… And then I made some espresso and cream cheese brownies which were the most dense, chocolatey brownies I’ve ever eaten. They’re the highlight of my day and I don’t know what I’ll do when they’re gone.

We also got our first real snow. Together is my new favorite program. Apple cider and Captain Morgan are an underpaid, overworked girl’s best friend. I cried when Bradford Meade died. I wish I could marry Nick Cave’s voice. And we had the oil in the truck changed which doesn’t seem like much but they also vacuumed out the truck and you’d think that the feeling of stepping into a clean vehicle would be motivation enough to keep it tidy—but it isn’t.

Oh, and Otis Redding’s “Gone Again” just came on, followed by “Hoist That Rag.” The iPod’s on a roll. Babe, you turn me on.

If raw dough is any indicator…

Then these brandied cranberry-white chocolate chip cookies (via Simply Recies) are going to be amazing. We’re bringing them to Momhen’s for Thanksgiving so let’s hope so!

Woodchuck Draft Cider + White Chocolate Chips = Not so good.

Eat for a week.

This week’s stew is Beef Goulash (served over buttered egg noodles) from The New Best Recipe. This week’s overambitious project is the aforementioned espresso-chocolate hi-top cupcakes (“Chocolate-Covered Hi-Hats,” Cupcakes!) which I decided I had to cover in tempered white chocolate—instead of following the directions. (That didn’t work out for me.) This week’s old reliable is “The Best Cranberry-Nut Bread” that appeared in last year’s Cook’s Illustrated holiday issue, minus the orange zest and substituting walnuts for toasted pecans. (It’s better with the orange zest but still tasty.) This week’s jury’s-still-out is a molasses cookie recipe from Martha Stewart. Her recipes rarely work for me so I’m kind of curious but optimistic?

Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this should be a pretty good week for food. (And leftovers!) I see turkeymashedpo’cranstuffing wraps in the future.

Sidenote: My poor little iBook G4 is about to die. It’s going into the light any day now…

My kind of Saturday.

Audio I Say I Say I Say (Erasure), Purple Rain (Prince), Closing Time (Tom Waits)

Visual Brazil – The Criterion Collection, Delicatessen

Experimental espresso-chocolate hi-top cupcakes

Open immediately.

A quick and dirty shot of the package before I shipped it off to my mom. The left side is almond cake, the right is hazelnut-cornmeal cake.

Sweet, Sweet, Meat

Sweet Almond Cake, recipe from Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking

Sweet Hazelnut-Cornmeal Cake, recipe from Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking

Meat Hearty Beef Stew, recipe from The New Best Recipe

Sweetest gift box for Mom containing six slices of each cake, individually wrapped in wax paper and finished with a bow

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