Day Two: October 16, 2007

The highlights of our second day in Beijing were the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. Walking along the Great Wall of China has been a goal of mine for a long time and I have to admit: it wasn’t quite what I expected! The crowds were one thing, but the Wall itself was actually very steep in some places. It’s not exactly a leisurely stroll. But despite all the other tourists and all the vendors, it was easy to fall into my own cadence and appreciate the views.

Our next major stop was the Summer Palace. We did what I’m sure every visitor does: a dragonboat ride on the lake, the Long Corridor, the history lessons. The Summer Palace was our last stop of the day but it was pretty in the late afternoon.

If you looked at yesterday’s photographs already, day two starts here. Or view the entire set, China Trip: October 2007.

Unrelated: today (October 30th) is Stork’s 28th birthday! Birthday breakfast was eggs over easy (always) inside autumn-leaf cut-out toast (European style), the maple and oak leaves with a raspberry jam, OJ and coffee. Still recovering from my major jet lag—my mind just won’t go to sleep!


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