Haves and Have-Not

iPod Classic Since I finally got that $205 check in the mail from the State of Vermont—it was only a year and a half late—I decided to replace my old 20GB iPod. $250 for 80GB sounded like a great deal until I got home, opened it up and discovered that I had to be running OS X 10.4! So this actually cost me $370… I’m a little annoyed but ultimately, it’s a fun new toy and I like it. Yay.

LU Biscuits Le Petit Écolier Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut—I don’t care. They’re all so good. When I have a box (as I did last week), I ration myself to three per night—is that still really gluttonous?—otherwise I would savor every single cookie in one brief sitting. Somehow, three is the magic cookie number.

Chie Mihara Rumi Oh man, I feel something fierce for these. Patchwork leather, laces and a completely managable 1.75″ heel. I love them. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll possibly have them but ‘m determined to make it happen.


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