For stomach and soul.

Tonight’s Dinner pan-fried salmon with zucchini fritters (via Simply Recipes) and black pepper-lime oven fries (via 101 Cookbooks)

Other Recent Dinners citrus pork with egg noodles (via Simply Recipes), linguine with shrimp in garlic cream sauce, roasted salmon with asparagus and new potatoes (via Simply Recipes), chickpea potato curry (via Simply Recipes)

The Big Hit chickpea potato curry

On-The-Go Antony & the Johnsons (esp. “Divine”), Bauhaus (esp. “Kick In The Eye”), Bruce Springsteen (esp. “I’m On Fire”), Joy Division (esp. “Disorder”), Marc Bolan & T. Rex (esp. “Monolith”), Nick Cave & the Badseeds (esp. “The Ship Song”), PJ Harvey (esp. “The Dancer”), Rosetta Stone (esp. “Adrenaline”), Sisters of Mercy (esp. “Torch”), Tom Waits (esp. “Martha”)


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