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Food, meet friends.

I’ve been in the process of making a black forest cake for the past couple of days. On Thursday night, I baked a chocolate génoise cake. On Friday night, I cut the cooled cake into three layers, made the soaking syrup and whipped cream and assembled the cake. This afternoon, I turned six ounces of bittersweet chocolate into shavings and pressed them all over the outside. Then we brought my preferred German-themed dessert (pfft, German chocolate cake) to an Oktoberfest party—at which homemade brats, sauerbraten and the most amazing potatoes ever were being served. I really want one of those brats right now… Awesome food, funny games, good time.

Also excitement-making: the fish tacos and beef chimichangas at Tommy’s, green tea and oolong-walnut mooncakes, lamb masala at Shalimar of India and chocolate—always chocolate!

Tomorrow morning is apple picking. Hopefully good appley things to come.


Chocolate is so good.

Week One Chocolove Hazelnuts in 33% Milk
Week Two Dagoba Hazelnut in 37% Milk
Week Three Lindt Pistachio
Week Four Lindt Swiss Milk Almond
Week Five Lindt Excellence Toffee Crunch
Week Six Theo Chocolate Coffee Dark Chocolate

Haves and Have-Not

iPod Classic Since I finally got that $205 check in the mail from the State of Vermont—it was only a year and a half late—I decided to replace my old 20GB iPod. $250 for 80GB sounded like a great deal until I got home, opened it up and discovered that I had to be running OS X 10.4! So this actually cost me $370… I’m a little annoyed but ultimately, it’s a fun new toy and I like it. Yay.

LU Biscuits Le Petit Écolier Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut—I don’t care. They’re all so good. When I have a box (as I did last week), I ration myself to three per night—is that still really gluttonous?—otherwise I would savor every single cookie in one brief sitting. Somehow, three is the magic cookie number.

Chie Mihara Rumi Oh man, I feel something fierce for these. Patchwork leather, laces and a completely managable 1.75″ heel. I love them. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll possibly have them but ‘m determined to make it happen.

For stomach and soul.

Tonight’s Dinner pan-fried salmon with zucchini fritters (via Simply Recipes) and black pepper-lime oven fries (via 101 Cookbooks)

Other Recent Dinners citrus pork with egg noodles (via Simply Recipes), linguine with shrimp in garlic cream sauce, roasted salmon with asparagus and new potatoes (via Simply Recipes), chickpea potato curry (via Simply Recipes)

The Big Hit chickpea potato curry

On-The-Go Antony & the Johnsons (esp. “Divine”), Bauhaus (esp. “Kick In The Eye”), Bruce Springsteen (esp. “I’m On Fire”), Joy Division (esp. “Disorder”), Marc Bolan & T. Rex (esp. “Monolith”), Nick Cave & the Badseeds (esp. “The Ship Song”), PJ Harvey (esp. “The Dancer”), Rosetta Stone (esp. “Adrenaline”), Sisters of Mercy (esp. “Torch”), Tom Waits (esp. “Martha”)

Junk floats on polluted water.

It wasn’t very long ago that my mother unexpectedly invited me to go to China with her. At the time, I was still struggling daily with my generalized anxiety disorder (agoraphobia, yay!) but I said sure because who turns down a free international vacation? Now, five months later, I’m readying myself to leave the country for 16 days. In anticipation of my trip, I thought I’d share a condensed itinerary.

Day 1 depart USA, nonstop flight to Beijing Day 2 Beijing, transfer to hotel Day 3 Beijing, Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace Day 4 Beijing, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall Day 5 Beijing, hutongs via rickshaw, flight to Xian Day 6 Xian, Terra Cotta Warriors, Shaanxi History Museum, Tang Dynasty stage show Day 7 Xian, Wild Goose Pagoda, the City Wall, flight to Yichang Day 8 Yangtze River cruise, Three Gorges Dam, Xiling Gorge Day 9 Yangtze River cruise, Wu Gorge, Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong Stream (depending on water levels) Day 10 Yangtze River cruise, Qutang Gorge, Shibaozhai Temple or Fengdu, “City of Ghosts” (depending on water levels) Day 11 Chongqing, Chongqing Zoo, the Old Town, General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum, flight to Guilin Day 12 Guilin, Li River cruise, Yangshuo, Reed Flute Cave Day 13 Shanghai, Children’s Palace, the Bund, Jade Buddha Temple Day 14 Shanghai, Yu Garden, Pudong, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Acrobats Day 15 Shanghai, free day Day 16 depart Shanghai, flight to USA


Don’t Look Away The Blue Planet: Seas of Life series (“The calf. Is dead.”)

Make Yourself Comfortable my new favorite felted wool hooded sweater

Have Some Self-Control Ina Garten’s “Outrageous Brownies” from the box

Insider Trading Advice

The best kind of trade you can make is something for someone else’s soul. (An even trade would be a soul for a soul, which is what Stephen Hernandez and I did in the P.S. 230 school yard.) The second best trade would probably be something—such as a cigarette—for someone else’s cannoli. Cannolis are nearly equivalent to a human soul, but not quite. Another good, profitable trade is the majority of the chores (dusting, floors, laundry, etc.) for the dishes but it can also raise a lot of controversy, so consider yourself warned.

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