Earth, poo, zucchs and wedges—oh my!

Plant Earth: The Complete BBC Series It’s been called “simply the greatest nature / wildlife series ever produced” and I’m borrowing it from a friend. Well narrated, amazingly filmed, wonderfully soothing at times—and I’m not just saying that because I love this kind of stuff. See this!

DevaCurl No-Poo I found out about this lather-free shampoo from S’s sister, who is also equally plagued and blessed by curly hair. It took a little getting used to—no lather??—but it gets my hair just as clean as normal shampoo but without all the knots.

Zucchini One of my favorite vegetables so we’ve definitely been taking advantage of its abundance. Lately, I love it well-cooked with tomatoes, garlic and whatever herbs—maybe a little parmesan if I remember. I think it’s the mushy texture I like so much. In the past, I’ve also loved it briefly cooked or raw.

Seychelles Now And Then Wedges Definitely my favorite shoes this summer. Extremely comfortable, easy to walk in and the union of grey leather and wood. The fact that I sound like a horse while I’m going about my business is merely icing on the cake.


1 Response to “Earth, poo, zucchs and wedges—oh my!”

  1. 1 Sarah Broughton August 10, 2007 at 1:54 am

    I was walking around NYC this weekend (I live just a few hours NW of the city now, or for a little while longer anyhow) and for some reason this made me think of you. That would be about when I realized that I had not read anything from your livejournal in quite a long time and, in trying to determine why this was, I followed quite a long series of “I have moved” links until I wound up here… somehow. It is nice to see you are well. I hope you are enjoying VT; Burlington is a fantastic place, if my memory serves me correctly.


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