A few of my what things?

Level99 Denim Gauchos By far, my favorite bottoms to wear this summer. They can dress up or down and stay surprisingly cool. The denim is super dark, which I like. They were expensive compared to what I usually spend on jeans but they’ve been worth it. Usually I put them on as soon as I come home from work and then I wear them all weekend. So relaxed and comfortable.

Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea This is part of Origin’s “A Perfect World” skincare line. I didn’t think I’d have much use for it in the summer because I generally don’t get dry skin. But then I had a sinus infection and my entire nose / upper lip area became desiccated. Tissues, pfft. This made everything better quickly.

Alan Moore Of all the comics I’ve recently read, Alan Moore’s Saga of the Swamp Thing was my favorite. I couldn’t put the book down and I was so disappointed when it ended. You might be more familiar with some of his other work, like V For Vendetta and Watchmen. It doesn’t matter what you read, though. Alan Moore is just a good writer.


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