Suddenly, Chocolate Cupcakes

I impulsively decided to bake this evening. It was so sudden that when S came home from baseball practice, he said, “What made you do that?” I shrugged. One minute, I was reading Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway and the next, I was measuring out three-quarters cup unsweetened cocoa powder. I haven’t been baking lately and to do it without planning—even more out of character. But I just felt like it. That minute.

I went with the easy chocolate cupcakes from Baking Bites. They met all the moment’s requirements: easy and chocolate. I was unforunately out of chocolate chips but I threw some instant coffee in with the water. I used about a third cup of batter per cupcake and ended up with nineteen cupcakes. They’re not the best chocolate (cup)cake I’ve ever had but certainly not the worst. The cake is moist, they taste good without frosting and they hit the spot. What more do you want at the drop of a hat?


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