The Slope, Iced Coffee & Travel

Highlights from the recent slew of links my mother emailed me:

The Park Slope Parent Trap I grew up in a historic brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. My mom still owns it and I visit at least once a year. Sometimes I wonder if Park Slope really has changed so much or if I’ve just grown up. (Except that it really has changed.)

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee Requires a little foresight but I’ll try this.

Guidelines for Using a Cellphone Abroad I’m going to China for ~ three weeks in October. I hadn’t considered using my cellphone while I was traveling and I probably still won’t. Seems like email will still be cheaper.

Canyons and Geysers Are Still Within Reach National parks are what I would consider one of the best parts of America. Geologically speaking, this is a pretty cool country. And if you (still) can’t afford the hotels and cabins, pitch a freakin’ tent. I thought you were out appreciating nature?


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