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Citrus Pork with Egg Noodles

We’ve been in a cooking rut—well, more like a pit. (And not the good type of pit that has a pig roasting inside it.) We’ve been there for months. I’ve narrowed the causes down to lack of inspiration and lack of motivation. But I’m proud to report that this week, we ate real dinners every night. (I’m also proud to report that I did all the preparation and cooking myself. That includes the handling of all meat.) The highlights were sautéed salmon with brown rice, roasted zucchini and cucumber-tomato-dill salad and the citrus pork with egg noodles from Simply Recipes.

I’ve used Simply Recipes before and I get good results. This was my first meal-type recipe and it was definitely a crowd-pleaser. A little on the sweet side (something I’ll change next time) but the meat was very flavorful. I made a few tweaks along the way because I couldn’t help myself. To the vegetables, I added broccoli because what’s a dinner without broccoli? To the green onions, I added a half-cup. To the salt-pepper-cumin, I added ground cardamom, a little very generic curry powder and four cloves of minced garlic. To the meat, I added another half-pound. I let the meat hang out with the spices for ~ 15 minutes while I sat around and twiddled my thumbs because I hadn’t put much thought into timing things right. I also sautéed the meat longer than 2 minutes because what the hell do I know about meat? I used to be vegan.


Don’t change my music.

[The setting: 2 strolls into the kitchen. 1 is cutting zucchini.]

1: [Suddenly] Hey, you changed my music!
2: No I didn’t.
1: You changed my music!
2: No, I didn’t.
1: [Utterly Convinced] Yes, you changed my music!
2: [Waving Hands] No, I swear—I didn’t.
1: Oh, wait, Bauhaus plays “Ziggy Stardust,” too. [Laughing] You didn’t change my music! [As If Nothing Happened]


Today I’m craving chocolate and hot dogs. Something like a triple chocolate mousse cake and grilled weiners with guacamole or chili. Not that I’ve ever had guacamole on a hot dog but adding guac to anything is that extra push over the cliff. It goes to eleven, if you know what I mean.

Also 1 1 are the two eggs over easy I ate for breakfast, the two margaritas I drank last night and the two fish tacos I eat about once a week.

One album.

When I have the apartment to myself, I mostly just listen to music. I also do routine stuff like cleaning and balancing my checkbook or I’ll read but I only do those things so I’m not just sitting here—listening to music. Somehow that seems wrong. But sometimes I just lay on the couch or sit on the edge of our bed and listen to music.

When I got home from work today, I sank into the couch and listened to Quadrophenia. Twice. And I’m about to do it again.

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